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An automated resume screening tool that screens and shortlists right candidates instantly by automating the tedious tasks, eliminating human bias, lowering costs and allowing you to recruit best and bright candidates suitable for your organisational culture.

  • Screens and shortlists right candidates from large pool of resumes in real time
  • Human verification on each candidate by star rating and suggestions
  • View a collection of widgets that allow you to quickly visualize your data
  • Upload bucket of resumes directly from cloud storage systems like Google drive
  • Learns from your feedback and applies the knowledge to automatically rank and grade the strongest candidates
  • Liberate yourself from classifying resumes
  • Eliminate human bias and manual error
  • Eliminates mental taxing caused by manual process of shuffling around bulk resumes
  • Automate your resume screening and save your time
  • User can download the ranked resumes in Zip file with the respective JD and rank list

Automated Recruiting Tool called “RESUME MATCH” enable you to increase recruitment productivity, standardize recruitment processes, improve recruitment and hiring compliance & short-list qualified candidate pool. We recommend your business organization to implement this system and support technology for job hiring process & productivity.