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Know Your Employee (Social Scanner)

KYE learns employees’ and candidates’ personal attributes and additional insights from their social media profiles using Data science and enables you to find right candidate for your organizational culture

KYE solution offers:

  • Details about the new /existing employees in your organization
  • Save cost of third party verification agencies
  • Help HR in selecting the best employees
  • Knowing about the social presence of the candidate makes the hiring process more efficient
  • HR can discover public profile of social media sites of the employees/candidates
  • Using Text Processing technology our tool resolves identities of candidates

KYE leverages social media data, to filter employee’s/candidate’s social insights and behavior. It helps you to determine whether a particular employee’s/candidate’s personality is a good fit for your team. Our in-built social profiling technology can examine the employee’s/candidate’s personal social data based on Name, Email ID & phone number which helps the system to study about employee/candidate job proficiency and expertise. It also resolves identities of candidates using text processing technology.