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When there are new job openings in your website career page, candidates can go in, view openings and can upload their resumes. Once the candidate submits his/her resume, our HT PLUGIN helps you to receive only qualified resumes in your inbox. At the same time the candidate will get instant feedback about whether he/she is shortlisted.


  • Career page in your website can be easily integrated with HR Tray using HT Plugin
  • Once Candidates are shortlisted, they will get real time feedback
  • HR receives notifications about the selected candidate in Email/portal notification
  • Our tool makes sure that same candidate doesn’t apply multiple times

If your company website already lists job openings, then you can easily integrate our plug-in to your website. Our HT plug-in makes you more efficient and helps to automate the recruiting process, thereby saving your time, which can alternatively be used for other productive HR functions.