Features & Benefits

A one stop solution for recruiters to screen resumes, capture candidate insights and simplify
the tedious task of selecting appropriate resumes using AI, Machine Learning & Social Data Analytics.

Screens and grades the best available resumes for your organisation

Screening loads of resumes in real time
Learn from and respond to user feedback
Eliminate manual error
Automate your resume screening and save your time

Get 100% relevant social information of employees and shortlisted candidates

Use social insights to know your employees better
Understand the social presence of the candidate
Retrieve social images of candidates
Identity resolution using text processing

Integrates with your website and helps you to receive only qualified resumes in your inbox

Easily integrates with the career page in your website
Candidates get real time feedback about selection
HR will get notifications about selected candidates
Prevent same candidate applying multiple times


HRtray uses AI, Machine Learning, NLP and Social Data Analytics to select the most suitable candidate resumes




social data

For screening candidates and to capture their social insights HRtray uses artificial intelligence, machine learning, natural language processing and social data analytics.

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